Why Science Can’t Figure Us Out

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What is Happiness?

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I am in my Heart

I once thought that my identity resided within my mind
My mind told me that “I” was composed of thoughts such as “I”, “self” and “other”
I now know that I am more than my thoughts
How do I know this?
My heart told me
The born intelligence of my heart came before the acquired knowledge of my mind
My heart told me that “I” am a part of a whole
My heart told me that there is no “self” and “other”
My heart told me that ALL IS ONE
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“I” am “Existence”

When “I” talk or think, “I call myself “I”
How can “I” be an “I”?
What is an “I”?
Is an “I” separate from the “existence” that  surrounds me?
Can “I” take myself out of existence itself?
An “I” is what “I” call myself
Clearly, “I” cannot be just an “I”
“I” am composed of too many named “parts” (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Electrons, Protons, Quarks, Neutrinos, Photons….)
All these parts are created by the mind
More and more “parts” are created by the minds of society every day
 “I” is a mind created societal name
“I” is woven into “existence”
“I” is a mental concept
“I” am “real”, but “I” am a part of “existence”
“I” and “existence” are one
There is no “self” and “other”
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The Strength of Surrender

We can surrender to something deep within ourselves
This takes strength
When we surrender the entirety of all the thoughts of who we are, we surrender of our egoic self
Our true self then appears
Our true self is One with the Universe
We are the Universe
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Baby in the Woods

If we were babies that grew up isolated in the woods, we would be pure of any acquired thoughts
we would be our original self
nameless and unknowable
wandering about
connected to all that is around us
woven into the whole of existence
we find this original self within ourself
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Our Dual and Non-Dual Self

What is the difference between the dual self and the non-dual self?



What is a dual self ?

The  dual self is a representation of  self.

It is the sense of self that is created utilizing thoughts, vision, touch, taste, smell or preconception or other limited human perceptions of self.


What is the non-dual self?

It turns out that myself is actually a non-myself.

If  all  ideas of self are removed,  we are left strictly with consciousness.

In  total stillness,  we are no longer a discrete self.

“we” are  woven into the very fabric of “space time” itself.

“we” therefore represent a portion of the “universe(s)” itself.

“we” are therefore a part of the “cosmic microwave background radiation”.



The non-dual self is an unknowable and un-namable energy form that is woven into the very fabric of “space time” itself.

In modern science, “we” would be named as a part of the “cosmic microwave background radiation”.

All of humanity, (whether they are aware of it or not) have this non-dual form.

We are all part of the universe itself.

We are the universe observing itself through us.

Humans are like stars with minds.

The human mind is separating what is ultimately a “oneness”.

It is up to humanity to make this “oneness” a “oneness of love”.


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